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Chihiro Onitsuka

Chihiro Onitsuka is a great singer in Japan.

Her voice,lyrics by herself,karma...

I do like her songs!


I will never ever forget the day when I met her song.

After listening to her song,I've got endless stream of tears.

She is familiar with the western music from childhood.

When she was high school student,she met "Jewel Kilcher".

The song of Jewel helped her to be a singer and songwriter.

Shine(1st song) has released in 2000.

Gekko(The Lights of Moon) picked up in public then

her publicity got higher and higher.

Because of her physical condition she needs to rest but

in 2007 she will come back to us I hope.

Gekko(The Lights of Moon)~

I am God's child falled to the putrid world.

How do I live on such a field?

I have never been exist for such a world.

Chihiro Onitsuka

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Taiko Drum Master (Taiko No Tatsujin)

There are so many game company in Japan like Square&ENIX,

SEGA,Namco and so on.

Of course there are so many great games in the history.

One of the pieces is "Taiko Drum Master".


In 2000 Namco(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc) made this game as an

arcade game.

"Taiko" is like traditional Japanese drums,which have

two sticks made of wood.


This game is to beat drums to music by line.

One guy (I don't know his name) in Akihabara called "Tatsujin"

of "Taiko Drum Master".

He blindfolds and play this game with two sticks and two

drums(normal person use two sticks and one drum) at

maximum level.

I don't know how he does but definitely remember every

pattern of this game like music and rhythm...

He is the game otaku!

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Ryoko Shinohara

Ryoko Shinohara is one of the greatest actress in Japan today.

ryoko shinohara

She was an idol at the start,then come out as a singer.

Today she is an actress...one of the greatest actress.

I think her talent was born of one comedy TV program.

"Gottu ee kanji" is a legend comedy program.

She acts various parts of "act" in this program.

If you wanna succeed in your life,you would need to do everything

you face.

Her life of show-biz gives me that thinking.

I don't know what I'm trying to write about...

Anyway Ryoko faced the rough passage.

Here is Ryoko(actress)

Here is also Ryoko(comedy)

Ryoko-chan good job!

Ryoko Shinohara

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