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Cheer for me!↓

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Could you please take my picture?

Hi there!

We have many sight spots in Japan.

I introduce to you bit by bit.

What would you conceive of Japan?

Mt Fuji? Tokyo? Sushi? Geisya???

Today's phrase is used when you go to such places.

How about Mt Fuji!

Mt Fuji

Look! What a beautiful sight it is!

It's time to take a picture so ask somebody to take a shot.

Could you please take my picture?↓↓↓

(Syasin O Totte Kuremasen Ka?)

(Syasin) = picture
(O) = connect with picture & take a
(totte) = take a~
(Kuremasen) = please
(Ka?) = ?

Awesome!This will be fine!

You would get a great picture in Japan!

See you!
Cheer for me!↓

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tiffnay chichi stones

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Elements jewels
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John Rocha ornaments
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