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LifeCard CM fresh recruit ver

This CM of LifeCard gives us a impact!

LifeCard is a credit card company then

The concept of CM is "What should I do???".

It means that the important thing is how you select the "cards"

on your profound turning point.

One businessman(Joe Odagiri) have to choose

one of several choices.

Today's version is "fresh recruit version",Joe had to train and

educate a fresh recruit.

He(Joe) was so excited because it's a first time for him

to have a junior fellow.

But that guy is pits! Maybe you could understand the YouTube

down there↓

So he got to choose how he pretends to the cruit.

Four choices he got are "sermons" "comprehension"

"diatribe" "patience".

When we want to see what he is going to do,we need to go

to the LifeCard Web Page.

What are you gonna choose???

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Final Fantasy X

My favorite TV game is Final Fantasy X.[PS2]


In the series of Final Fantasy, this one is so good.

CG,concpts,everything is sophisticated.

This game go beyond just game and into the realm of art.

[The story of FFX]~Listen to my story~

Final Fantasy X begins late in the story, with the

main character, Tidus, waiting with his allies outside

the ruined city of Zanarkand.

Zanarkand,used to be a high-tech metropolis and Tidus'

home city, where he is a renowned star of the fictional

underwater sport blitzball 1000years ago.

When Zanarkand is suddenly attacked by Sin during a blitzball

game, Tidus — along with his long-time mentor,

Auron — is sucked into the creature and awakens to find himself

alone in the ruins of a deserted temple.

Then Tidus is finding out when I am like 1000 years after.

Yuna is a summoner only who can defeat "Sin" which is the

threat of this world called "Spira".

Tidus decides to go journey to know why I came here and

who I am.


If you have no experience playing RPG,

you don't have to worry about that.

It's easy for beginner to play it and more than anything else

I want you to enjoy this story.

Here is the "Promotion" of FFX.

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Hana Yori Dango stood on the top!

Viewing rate of Japanese TV drama category was made in public.

Hana yori dango(Boys Over Flowers) stood on the top of that

ranking ahead of Kareinaru Itizoku(The Great Family).

In addition to those two dramas Haken No Hinkaku(The Dignity

Of Temp) got over 20% average audience rates.

The time of drama is getting the later stage of it.

How would this ranking go through???

・22.7% Hana Yori Dango

Makino Tsukushi

↑Tsukushi Makino(Mao Inoue)

This drama based on the original comic by Yoko Kamio.

By some freak coincidence Tsukushi(Mao Inoue) entered the Eitoku

high school where only rich could enter.

Then Domyouji Tsukasa(one of the F4) falled in love to Tsukushi

because of power? I don't know...

※F4 consists of four rich people.

The love of them(Makino & F4) are intertwined with intricately.

・21.1% Kareinaru Itizoku


↑Teppei Manpyou(Takuya Kimura)

Based on real history of one family in Kobe.

Mampyou Daisuke (Teppei's father) is the top of Hanshin bank,

then he try to get the ambition for power.

By his action the family curl up and

they are the sport of him.

・20.2% Haken no Hinkaku


↑Haruko Omae(Ryoko Shinohara)

Haken no Hinkaku describe the trurh of temporary stuff

which number get growing now.

Haruko was fired of company before so she decided not to be

an official stuff,just got skills to live.

Official and Temp! They are like a monkey & dog!

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Japanese Music Chart (26 Feb 2007)

Oricon is a famous music chart company like billboard.

Based on that chart many TV program is consisted and

we(audience) know what is trend in Japan.

So I will introduce weekly Japanese single CD chart!

I don't know until when I could keep doing this...

Anyway this week's music(single CD) chart is down here↓
※Em = English meaning(I just guess it)

Michi (Em:Road)

Kimi ni okuru uta/lucky de happy (Em:The song for you/I'm lucky and happy)
Artist:Teppei Koike & Wentz Eiji

Sen no kaze ni natte (Em:Just like a thousand winds)
Artist:Masafumi Akikawa

Egao YES Nude (Em:Smile YES Nude)
Artist:Morning Musume

My Love (Em:My Love)
Artist:Ai Kawashima

You like them???

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Fist of the North Star(Hokuto no Ken)

"You are already dead"


This comic had been published from 1983 to 1988 in Shonen JUMP.

In 199X the world has been destoyes by nuclear weapons.

People and civilization has disappeared,

then only power could be worth to live in this world.

Kenshirou is a master of "Hokuto Shinken" which is the only

one for all human world.

This comic had some violence seane but it was popular for guys.

Still now "Hokuto no Ken" is popular for many kinds of people.

For example slot,TV game,cartoon and anime...

Ok then this blog is "Useless Japanese World",

so let's see the seane while fever of slot machine...(useless?)

28chains of bonus game!!!

Fist of the North Star(Wiki)

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Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey)

Hideaki Takizawa(called "Tackey")


Right:Tackey Left:Tsubasa

These guys are units called "Tackey & Tsubasa"

who belong to Johnnys Entertainment Office.

He is so popular for young girls!

He is a good looking guy and cute!!!

It doesn't mean I'm gay!

・Tackey & Tsubasa Official Site

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Mr Children

Mr Children is a Japanese band which was formed in 1988. mrchildren
・Kazutoshi Sakurai(vo,g)
・Kenichi Tahara(g)
・Keisuke Nakagawa(b)
・Hideya Suzuki(ds)

They are so popular in Japan.

The songs with strong messages are taken for people.

I'm a big fan of this band!

This is a piano version of Mr Children.(from YT)

Enjoy this melody!!!

→Official Site

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Death Note

If there were a notebook which has a power to kill people?

How would you use this notebook?

The human whose name is written in this note shall die.


One Death(ryu-ku) has that notebook and dropped it

to the human world...

Light Yagami picked it up by chance,

then he decided to make world peace with this notebook

with killing people who are worthless like criminal.

The world noticed little by little that someone like God

has been killing such people.

Of course "L"(seacret detective) did.

Yagami & L face each other and......

This "death note" has many deductions as smooth as silk.

You can't stop once you start reading!

death note (Wiki)

death note(YouTube)

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Touch (Japanese title "touch")


This story is baseball anime about twin brothers

(O:Tatsuya,Y:Kazuya) & one girl(Minami).

Tatsuya & Kazuya are monozygotic twins ,

Kazuya is smart,popular for girls...but Tatsuya is not.

Minami is also beautiful and have excellent reflexes.

These three boys & girl are friend from childfood.

Minami's dream is to go to the "Koshien" which

is the holy place for the highschool baseball players.

So Kazuya(he loves Minami) tries to make Minami take to

"Koshien" with his own effort.

Tatsuya doesn't like to compared with his brother Kazuya,

so he doesn't want to play baseball.

One day to save a child from a traffic accident,

Kazuya is killed instead.

Tatsuya replaces Kazuya's dream,but...

This comic is so popular in Japan!

I put link about "Touch".↓↓↓

Touch (YouTube)

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Where is a rest room?

Japaneese technology is frontier of knowledge.

In recent days I talked to a man about a horse.

At the same time I entered the rest room,

turned on the lights automatically.

Then the cover of commode chair opened!

All I have to do is just "do" and push the buttons.

Brand spanking new toilet clean itself down like robots.

Anyway today's word is "Where is a rest room?"

(Toire Wa Doko Desuka?)

"Toire" = toilet

"Wa" = is

"Doko" = where

"Desuka?" = ?

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She is hot! (Ebi-Chan)

Ebihara Yuri.(called Ebi-Chan)

I think there is no day without seeing her on TV.

Seeing is believing.

Just look at her!!!



She is a model from "Can Can" which is a famous magazine.

How do you feel about her?

Her profile is down there↓

Yuri Ebihara (Ebi-chan)

3 Oct 1979


Height : 168cm
Shoes : 24.5cm


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Zinsei Ginkou (Life Bank)

Nowadays one of Japanese toys is getting popular.

It's called "Zinsei Ginkou".

It means "The Bank of Life".

Zinsei Bank

We usually save money at the bank but also

we tend to save money at home using savings box.

This machine has a liquid-crystal display.

It appears your life style depend on how much you save in it.

At first you live in a small space,

but gradually you could live a large house and

get married (wedding) and get career advancement and so on.

It's up to your savings!!!

Zinsei Ginkou Web Site(Written in Japanese)

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I love you!

Hi How are you doing?

Today I tell you about how to say "I love you".

We are a little bit shy so majority of us can't say

"I Love You.".

It embarrasses me as often as not.

Of course we don't have "KISS CULTURE"....

We have a shame-sensitive society...


Anyway... I think this sentence is useful for you

when you like Japanese people.

Let's practice!

I like you.

(Anata Ga Suki Desu)

I love you.

(Ai Shiteru)

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What do you like about Japan?

Culture? Animation? J-pop???

I hope I could introduce everything I know.

Unfortunately it's impossible for me to do that...

So I selected some of them carefully and

share the Japanese Culture!!!



There are many fans of Gundam in Japan.

If you are intersted in Japanese cartoon or animation,

It's inevitable that Gundam stands in front of you!

Many of Japanese have still loved it and

there are so many products like games, anime, figures and so on.

This site has let you know what "Gundam" is.

Gundam Project Cheer for me!↓

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Academy Awards have been drawing near!

Who do you think win the Academy Award this year?

Rinko Kikuchi(Babel) has been nominated for

Best Supporting Actress Academy Awards.

Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi Official Web Site



I haven't seen this movie 'Babel' , but

I definitely do.

79th Annual Academy Awards

The OSCARS live Feb 25,2007 5pt/8et abc

Don't miss it!

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Could you please take my picture?

Hi there!

We have many sight spots in Japan.

I introduce to you bit by bit.

What would you conceive of Japan?

Mt Fuji? Tokyo? Sushi? Geisya???

Today's phrase is used when you go to such places.

How about Mt Fuji!

Mt Fuji

Look! What a beautiful sight it is!

It's time to take a picture so ask somebody to take a shot.

Could you please take my picture?↓↓↓

(Syasin O Totte Kuremasen Ka?)

(Syasin) = picture
(O) = connect with picture & take a
(totte) = take a~
(Kuremasen) = please
(Ka?) = ?

Awesome!This will be fine!

You would get a great picture in Japan!

See you!
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How much is this ?

Hi so you've learned some conversations now.

Let's move on to the next level?

What! It's too fast?

Don't care!

Custom makes all things easy.

If that helps,in Japanese we say ↓

(Narauyori Nareyo)

By the way there is a strange city in Tokyo called "Akihabara".

In Akihabara there are so many electrical appliance shop and

"otaku" shops like animation and figures.

Around the Akihabara station,some girls wearing the maid

costume stand!

Like this↓↓↓

MAID in Akihabara

What do you think???


When we want to buy sth, we say

(Kore Wa Ikura Desu Ka?)←How much is this?

(Kore) means "this"
(Ikura) means "How much"
(Wa + Desu) mean "is"
(Ka?) means "?"

I feel you couldn't understand at all...

A,anyway that is it!!!

See you next time!
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Hi guys!

Good Morning! ↓


Good Afternoon?↓

I should say Good Evening???↓

We also use "How are you?"

How are you?↓

We have a bowing culture, I mean like...
in place of shaking hands each other.

So may I suggest you to bow in salutation?
You'd got a great favor from J-people.

It's time for today!

See you tomorrow!↓

Cheer for me!↓

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Nice to meet you !

Hi! Nice to meet you!
My name is teachan(=teacher + ~chan).

Chan means that we(Japanese) usually use "chan" on the end of
name like Mr,Mrs sth like that.

Especially we put "chan" for familiar people.

When you call someone with "chan" end of the first name,
he/she would feel you more closely.

Today's lecture is 'Nice to meet you!'

I think it's very important phrase for the 1st contact.

Anyway try it ↓


Got it!?

sayo-nala (bye-bye)

Cheer for me!↓

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