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K-1 world GP2007 in Yokohama

K-1 is a famous Japanese fighting sport and K stands for several

meanings like Karate,Kick Boxing and kung-fu which is standing


Yesterday K-1 world GP2007 was held in Yokohama.

The main match is K-1 GP champion(06,05) "Sem Schilt"(Karete,NED) VS "Ray Sefo"(Kick Boxing,NZ).

Sem Schilt ray sefo

Sem Schilt's height is 212cm on the other side Ray Sefo's is

only 180cm.

The point is how Sefo fight against Schilt(K-1 champion).

3minutes 3Round! Now let's start it!

K-1 Official Site
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Hana Yori Dango stood on the top!

Viewing rate of Japanese TV drama category was made in public.

Hana yori dango(Boys Over Flowers) stood on the top of that

ranking ahead of Kareinaru Itizoku(The Great Family).

In addition to those two dramas Haken No Hinkaku(The Dignity

Of Temp) got over 20% average audience rates.

The time of drama is getting the later stage of it.

How would this ranking go through???

・22.7% Hana Yori Dango

Makino Tsukushi

↑Tsukushi Makino(Mao Inoue)

This drama based on the original comic by Yoko Kamio.

By some freak coincidence Tsukushi(Mao Inoue) entered the Eitoku

high school where only rich could enter.

Then Domyouji Tsukasa(one of the F4) falled in love to Tsukushi

because of power? I don't know...

※F4 consists of four rich people.

The love of them(Makino & F4) are intertwined with intricately.

・21.1% Kareinaru Itizoku


↑Teppei Manpyou(Takuya Kimura)

Based on real history of one family in Kobe.

Mampyou Daisuke (Teppei's father) is the top of Hanshin bank,

then he try to get the ambition for power.

By his action the family curl up and

they are the sport of him.

・20.2% Haken no Hinkaku


↑Haruko Omae(Ryoko Shinohara)

Haken no Hinkaku describe the trurh of temporary stuff

which number get growing now.

Haruko was fired of company before so she decided not to be

an official stuff,just got skills to live.

Official and Temp! They are like a monkey & dog!

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