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Taiko Drum Master (Taiko No Tatsujin)

There are so many game company in Japan like Square&ENIX,

SEGA,Namco and so on.

Of course there are so many great games in the history.

One of the pieces is "Taiko Drum Master".


In 2000 Namco(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc) made this game as an

arcade game.

"Taiko" is like traditional Japanese drums,which have

two sticks made of wood.


This game is to beat drums to music by line.

One guy (I don't know his name) in Akihabara called "Tatsujin"

of "Taiko Drum Master".

He blindfolds and play this game with two sticks and two

drums(normal person use two sticks and one drum) at

maximum level.

I don't know how he does but definitely remember every

pattern of this game like music and rhythm...

He is the game otaku!

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Final Fantasy X

My favorite TV game is Final Fantasy X.[PS2]


In the series of Final Fantasy, this one is so good.

CG,concpts,everything is sophisticated.

This game go beyond just game and into the realm of art.

[The story of FFX]~Listen to my story~

Final Fantasy X begins late in the story, with the

main character, Tidus, waiting with his allies outside

the ruined city of Zanarkand.

Zanarkand,used to be a high-tech metropolis and Tidus'

home city, where he is a renowned star of the fictional

underwater sport blitzball 1000years ago.

When Zanarkand is suddenly attacked by Sin during a blitzball

game, Tidus — along with his long-time mentor,

Auron — is sucked into the creature and awakens to find himself

alone in the ruins of a deserted temple.

Then Tidus is finding out when I am like 1000 years after.

Yuna is a summoner only who can defeat "Sin" which is the

threat of this world called "Spira".

Tidus decides to go journey to know why I came here and

who I am.


If you have no experience playing RPG,

you don't have to worry about that.

It's easy for beginner to play it and more than anything else

I want you to enjoy this story.

Here is the "Promotion" of FFX.

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Zinsei Ginkou (Life Bank)

Nowadays one of Japanese toys is getting popular.

It's called "Zinsei Ginkou".

It means "The Bank of Life".

Zinsei Bank

We usually save money at the bank but also

we tend to save money at home using savings box.

This machine has a liquid-crystal display.

It appears your life style depend on how much you save in it.

At first you live in a small space,

but gradually you could live a large house and

get married (wedding) and get career advancement and so on.

It's up to your savings!!!

Zinsei Ginkou Web Site(Written in Japanese)

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