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Where is a rest room?

Japaneese technology is frontier of knowledge.

In recent days I talked to a man about a horse.

At the same time I entered the rest room,

turned on the lights automatically.

Then the cover of commode chair opened!

All I have to do is just "do" and push the buttons.

Brand spanking new toilet clean itself down like robots.

Anyway today's word is "Where is a rest room?"

(Toire Wa Doko Desuka?)

"Toire" = toilet

"Wa" = is

"Doko" = where

"Desuka?" = ?

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I love you!

Hi How are you doing?

Today I tell you about how to say "I love you".

We are a little bit shy so majority of us can't say

"I Love You.".

It embarrasses me as often as not.

Of course we don't have "KISS CULTURE"....

We have a shame-sensitive society...


Anyway... I think this sentence is useful for you

when you like Japanese people.

Let's practice!

I like you.

(Anata Ga Suki Desu)

I love you.

(Ai Shiteru)

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Academy Awards have been drawing near!

Who do you think win the Academy Award this year?

Rinko Kikuchi(Babel) has been nominated for

Best Supporting Actress Academy Awards.

Rinko Kikuchi

Rinko Kikuchi Official Web Site



I haven't seen this movie 'Babel' , but

I definitely do.

79th Annual Academy Awards

The OSCARS live Feb 25,2007 5pt/8et abc

Don't miss it!

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